Families and coats of arms

Altogether 357 families have been introduced to the Finnish House of Nobility. Of the 145 surviving families in Finland, 3 lineages descend from a Greve (count), 26 from a Friherre (baron), and 115 from untitled nobles (Aateliskalenteri 2019).

The Family Arms and Names database includes a brief account of each family and a picture of their coat of arms.

For more information on the members of the Finnish nobility, please consult Aateliskalenteri (which includes a record of all surviving noble families and their members) and the Ättartavlor series (which traces the history of the noble families). These publications can be purchased at well-stocked bookstores, and they can also be ordered from the office of the House of Nobility by e-mail at amanuens@riddarhuset.fi.